Dec 5 2011

Everything You Need To Know For Going Creative With Google Plus

Talking about a particular topic every now and then might sound monotonous but as they say; never judge a book by its cover! Each time I choose to come up with the article related to something I have already talked about, I actually sit down to do the brainstorming to understand how to make it interesting and useful so much so that it will make you feel good about having spared few moments.

Talk about the cool new social networking platform that has earned unexpected fame within a short span of time is endowed with some amazing features. Any guesses as to what’s the name of the social networking site I am talking about? Yes, it’s Google Plus!

The list of cool features of Google Plus doesn’t seem to see an end as Google keeps adding the new ones promising the enhanced user experience. Well, don’t be bugged up to see the name social network as we have read and written about it many times instead anticipate some good return of sparing time.

Here, the article entirely dedicated to Google Plus reads out the amazing things you can do with it to become all the more creative and show your ingenious the cool way. If you are the web designer, the good news is that you can let your creative mind do some work and with the help of cool features that Google Plus offers you can do wonders. Here’s how.

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1. Google Plus profile picture

You can be bit creative with your Google Plus profile picture. Google Plus is endowed with feature that lets people see your profile images (if you have uploaded multiple pictures to your Profile Pic Gallery) by clicking your profile image. You can include several pictures with different facial expressions or use pictures as key frames to create a mini stop-motion movie for that entertainment factor.

2. Setting up the Google Card

Google Card is the profile preview that lets you see how people will see your profile when they hover over your name anywhere in Google+. Add some detail about what you do to increase the chance of being added to circles. If you all know, the sub-text appears below your name on the Google Card which is pulled in from fields on your profile. In the current order viz. Employment, Location, Occupation add your detail and it will become easier for people to know about you. Without Google Card it won’t be easier for people to know who you are, why you are following them and much more. All in all, Google Card is an important thing for gaining the more exposure.

3. Creating portfolio with your scrapbook

The Scrapbook is a Picasa photo album tied to Google Plus profile page of the user. It can display up to five thumbnail images thereby helping you create a clever header to communicate the brand creatively. Simply, enter ‘Edit Profile mode’, click the header area to manage images directly or use Picasa to upload the images to the Scrapbook album. Click “Organize” from the album view in Picasa to arrange them in the desired order.

4. Building link list

Building the link list is an important step if you wish to make it easier for prospective clients and employers to get in touch with you or learn more about what you do and much more. You can simply add direct links to your service page, quote form or contact page to your ‘Other Profiles’ section which ensures high visibility.

5. Collaborating with Hangouts

Hangout is a feature in Google+ that enables you to start a live web or voice chat room and invite people from your circles. Use Hangouts to collaborate on projects, brainstorm new ones or know more people that work in the same niche as yours.

6. Posting with passion

As you all know in Google Plus publishing, your content is more visible unlike existing social networking platforms, it is suggested to post the majority of your content to the ‘Public’. Also, you can create special circles for posting private stuff, controversial opinions or ‘off-topic’ content and subscribe followers to the specific circles based on their posting habits, interests and other things. This directly will lay impact on your stream which will appear more focused and professional thereby giving you a way to deliver targeted content to specific groups.

7. Getting your Add On

Surely, you all know that there are innumerable Google+ add-ons available for Firefox and Google Chrome to enhance your experience. Designer Graham Smith’s Google+ Apps

collection, SGPlus, Publish Sync extension for Chrome are worth checking out. To get the Google Plus widget for your own website, you can consider available plugins for Drupal and WordPress or grab a syndication +1 button.

8. Circling people in peer group and those who inspire you

Google Plus offers you the feature that enables you to circle specifically for reading posts from other creative people that inspire you. If you consider circle as an

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RSS feed that helps keep up on what leaders in your niche are doing, it can be of great help. A separate circle can be used for managing followers that are into designing. This will help you keep your stream organized besides helping you maintain posts for the targeted audience.

9. Cleaning up your Picasa albums

Google Plus has gained much importance amongst photographers, agencies and visual artists. Well, users can sort out the images or other content and decide for themselves if they wish to publish the same or not. This can be done by setting the privacy and notification options. Also, the order in which the albums are to be displayed on your Google+ Photos page can be rearranges as per your heart’s desire. Simply open the album in Picasa and click on “Actions > Album Properties.”

10. Vanity URL

Last but not the least, if you find the default profile URL long and ugly, you can opt for URL and that offer Google+ specific vanity URL services.

Certainly, you would want to try these out and be creative with your Google Plus; all thanks to the cool features it comes endowed with.

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