Aug 25 2011

Skype Vs Axvoice : Where You Should Put Your Money?

Every other VoIP provider out there makes big claims about its service but finding the right service which would really help you get best value out of your money can become intimidating. After using so many different internet phone services you can safely assume that I know all the ins and outs of a dependable VoIP service.

Skype VS Axvoice review will help you know better which service you should really go for. I would review these services from a phone user’s point of view to let you reach the important decision of selecting the right phone service.

Features of the phone service

Even when I am just starting to consider a VoIP service, the most important thing that I consider above all other things is the features. When I look at the features of Axvoice and Skype, I find Axvoice way ahead. There are more than two dozen features offered by Axvoice while Skype offers very few features to its customers.

One important advantage that Axvoice users have is that no matter which type of plan they opt for, all their plans offer the basic as well as advanced features. Axvoice does not charge for the advanced features that other companies ask money for. One reason Axvoice is able to offer more features is because it is not PC dependent VoIP like Skype. Skype on the other hand, offers just a handful of features that are counted as basic ones.

Installation and configuration

One thing that is very important to remember is that both Skype and Axvoice are VoIP providers but both use a different mechanism for offering their service. Axvoice is an ATA based VoIP service while Skype is dependent on PC to offer its phone service. Therefore the installation process of both these services is quite different. However, in general both these services are easy to install. The step by step guides accompanying both of them ensures that any layman can install and use them without any problems.


One other characteristic that is of key importance in a phone service is its reliability. In the past I have used many VoIP services which were frustrating to subscribe to in the first place. There were frequent problems like disconnections, call drops, echoes and numerous other issues which prevented me from completely trusting them. What is the point in having a service if you cannot rely on it?

We heavily rely on our phone and think about a situation where you urgently need to make a phone call but your phone is out of order. Therefore reliance on a service is very important. Axvoice and Skype both offer excellent quality service to their customers and I did not have any reliability issues with any of them.

Call Cost

Call costs matter a lot no matter what your calling needs are. Always ensure that you are buying a phone service that you can afford. A lot of people shift to internet phone with the only one reason of phone bills in their mind. When I closely compared the cost of making phone calls with Axvoice and Skype, there wasn’t much difference for nationwide calls. On the other hand, international phone calls were pretty expensive with Skype. Axvoice however offered very competitive calling rates and saved the day for me.

The overall difference between Skype and Axvoice may not seem to be that large but still it is significant enough to impact the decision of a prudent VoIP phone subscriber. Although Skype is a great service but it fails to impress when it comes to low cost international calls and features. My choice would definitely be Axvoice.

For more information about the internet phone services offered by Axvoice visit the website !

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  • It is true. Skype offers its services free. It has no extra facilities for its callers. You can receive any call while your computer is off. This is why majority of the people who want to use voip for their homes or offices don’t prefer Skype. Skype is only for the non serious youth.

    • i think u should shut up

  • I would agree that. Skyep is mostly used by those who want to chat aimlessly on internet. Otherwise, genuine voip service providers are offering so many features for just a few dollars. You can’t do your business without these features. Even at home, you can’t deny the importance of features like call recording etc.

  • Well I have had a very bad experience with skype. I started to use it. First month was just fine. I felt that my system was just slowing down. However, the night mare started when I decided to make a few video calls. I was stuck in problems one after the other. My new system was too slow to use. Finally, I decided to leave that skype thing.

  • Skype is fond of being part of the news. They have hardly offered anything new in the last year but with the few changes in their product, they have been in the news. Axvoice does not spend much on advertisement.

  • Yes this is true. Axvoice does not spend much on the adds and banners for advertisement. You would hardly find their add or banner on any website. On the other hand, skype is focusing more to be a part of some news.

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