Apr 8 2011

30+ Epic Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Photoshop is one handy photo-editing tool available today. Whether one is working on web designs

or the print designs, Photoshop plays the key role in letting their creative minds do the work. With some fair amount of knowledge, one does the real justice with any design/picture by manipulating and making it visually appealing.

Few of our previous articles are entirely dedicated to Photoshop but the the 85+ Incredible Photo Manipulations published here at WebTabLab was the perfect visual treat. Each picture showcased in the article spoke for itself and was the great exemple of how you can do wonders with the Photoshop.

While the Photoshop does the trick in enhancing the designs/pictures, it can leave you screwed up if not handled with care. To err is human and we all know that whatever task we undertake, somewhere we make some mistakes that sometimes can be ignored while at times leave you embarrassed.

Talk about Photoshop, even the professional designers screw-up the work. Short deadlines, inability to handle the tool well, last-minute changes, habit of completing the assigned tasks at the eleventh hour; whatever reason you give, the blunders in Photoshop get noticed by people easily.

Magazine covers, advertisements, catalogs, and web designs are given the Photoshop treatment and the blunders if get noticed can leave the people at times smile while on other hand leave the people take the impression of your inability to use Photoshop properly. You can call them blunders, fails or whatever you feel like. If these bring smile on your face, these can be categorized as fails.

Here, I have showcased the 30+ Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Smile. Errors or just plain stupidity, these Photoshop fails were without doubt showed to the world without final checking.

Indeed, many of the Photoshop fails listed below make you smile for a while but I guess, designers need to be cautious while handling the tool that can help them do wonders. For now hit a jump to check out the few Worst Photoshop Fails Ever.

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Supporting Hands

Apple Logo Blunder

Happy Family Blunder!

Missing Right Foot

Third Arm Spotted

Creepy Extra Hand!

When Two Hands Are Just Not Enough

Reflections are Different in Digital Photography

Holding Hands: Just The Hand!

Got Extra Hands?

Daddy’s Hand

Whose Leg is This?

Lexar 8Gb : Really?

Big Cheque: Missing Shadow!

Missing Leg

Where’s the Hand?

Hand on her shoulder..She is not alone.

Weirdly Shaped Shoulder

Five Hands!

Body by Milk: Extra Hand

Goof Up!

Invisible HandBag

What’s Wrong With his Hand?

Bad cut

Something’s weird

Vanishing Back Wheel

Long Curls And Broken Neck

Where’s The Belly Button?

Floating Plate!

Bad Copy Paste

What’s Wrong With The Legs

As always at the end, I would want to ask one question-What’s your take? Don’t forget to share your viewpoint.

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  • [...] 30+ Epic Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Laugh Hard | WebTabLab.comwebtablab.com [...]

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    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

  • The over fifty one that shows a guys face where grandma’s should be isn’t a goof up. The guy is the CEO of the Reno casino The Sands and the entirety of the advertising campaign is based around his face appearing as his mothers as well.

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  • The Big Cheque is also missing a Big Reflection on the Big Car :-P

  • [...] 30+ Epic Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Laugh Hard [...]

  • Some of those are blatantly obvious, it is beyond funny. I wonder what people were thinking when editing those photos.

    As for the “Reflections are Different in Digital Photography” image, I have that book and just checked the cover – the picture definitely doesn’t match the reflection.

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  • The victoria’s secret model (belly button?) isn’t a photoshop error. She had a surgery at birth that ended up leaving her without a bellybutton. What she has is a very small dimple, which was simply smoothed here (there’s other pics of her on the runway showing it)

  • I’m not sure that the one with Emma Watson is a mess up. The way it looks to me is that her leg is behind his leg completely. “Something’s weird” doesn’t look like a fail either. It looks like an awkward angle at awkwardly placed hands.

  • Fail at life !

  • That last one I figured out was just a normal photo. If you find the higher res version from their website (this was a long time ago, idk if it’s still up) you can see they’re just standing on a mirror. Awkward, very much yes, but photshopped, not at all.

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