Jul 20 2011

25 Weird News Stories of June 2011 That Promise To Surprise You

Weird news and weird people all around the world, leave us sometimes wide-mouth-opened, while at other times we smile, we frown and react in a different ways. Unlike the simple, news stories all around, the weird news stories take us by awe. We all have to agree that nothing gets so much attention than something that is unusual and out-of-ordinary.

While surfing the net, reading newspapers, changing the TV channels; one thing that is common is the attention seeking content. The content that is out of the crowd and not the part of humdrum tends to catch attention of all.

Every month, we come up with the list of weird news stories around the world to make you aware of the weird happenings that might have gone unnoticed for miscellaneous reasons.

The fact that we all are so busy with our day to day assignments to meet the deadlines and complete the tasks assigned, we are left with no time to check out lot many things we wish to keep ourselves updated with.

This is our conscious effort to collect the weird news stories of every preceding month. So, here we are once again with 25 Weird News Stories of June 2011. Check them out!

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1. Man accused of stealing toilet paper from Lawrence, Ma. City Hall

This might sound weird but a man allegedly stole a case of toilet paper from city hall in Lawrence, Mass. and on top of that blamed his brother for the dirty deed. Not just one or two, the man was allegedly caught stealing 20 toilet paper rolls. Police locked him up after he allegedly accepted that he had been stealing office supplies on several occasions from city hall where he worked.

2. Breakdancing Calgary gorilla

Zola, an eight-year-old lowland gorilla living at the Calgary Zoo, became the latest online star. Zookeepers captured the gorilla on video breakdancing inside his enclosure. While dancing, he was splashing, spinning on one heel and stomping through a puddle in between it appeared that he was breakdancing which made him the star.

3. Guru Kailash Singh quit bathing 37 years ago

Guru Kailash Singh, an Indian farmer quit bathing 37 years ago, because he believe he’d be rewarded for his sacrifice. He stopped using soap and water in 1974; also he hasn’t cut his dreadlocks since then. The reason for his deed was that a priest long back told him it would help him produce a son. Kailash has seven daughters born since then and is still waiting for a male heir.

4. Alligator found in Chinese bin

In the strange incident, an alligator was found in a dustbin in China. It is believed that the alligator escaped the aquarium which was part of smuggling. The alligator is behind bars and will either be released into the wild or will be transferred into a zoo.

5. In Pics: Terrifying trees that bite

You would expect trees to be all bark and not bite but this month few amazing images were showed that were enough to leave the spectators amazed. This is one good reason why this finds a mention in the weird news stories of June. The images show that many trees around have a huge appetite for chewing on everyday objects.

6. Women allegedly sprayed deputies with breast milk

Stephanie Robinette, 30, of Westerville, was charged with domestic violence, assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The women allegedly sprayed deputies with breast milk as they tried to detain her over the weekend.

7. Pet chews off baby’s fingers

A 4-month-old Missouri boy lost seven fingers during a pet ferret attack. Parents, Ryan Waldo, 33 and his wife, Carrie Waldo, 25 awoke on hearing their kid scream loud to find him left with just his thumbs.

8. 35 Pounds of vomit found in parking lot

A 35-pound bag of human vomit was found in the parking lot of a Bed Bath and Beyond in Radnor; the second time in a week. An employee of the Delaware County store found a big white bag containing a medical waste container full of vomit two Sundays in a row. The issue is being seriously dealt with for the reason that human waste is a biohazard.

9. Chinese find 55ft sea monster

A giant 55 foot sea monster has been found washed up on a beach in China. The beast from the deep is badly decayed and spreading rotting corpse’s foul stench. Despite this, people flocked to have a look at the weird looking creature.

10. 1,500 people attend girl’s birthday party after public Facebook invite

This is what I call the Facebook freakiness. A teenager in Germany inadvertently invited the public to her 16th birthday party and shocking thing that happened was, more than 1,500 of the 15,000 people who accepted an invitation to the event after the girl failed to set it to private showed up to the party. This is said to be the largest unorganized birthday party ever!

11. Peanut-butter attack

There have been a lot of crazy crimes happening all over the world but this one will leave you amazed. In a shocking incident, a Michigan woman is under investigation for assault for reason that she mailed a letter coated with peanut butter to her ex-husband knowingly that his new wife has a peanut allergy. The woman denied the accusation saying she lathered the peanut butter to keep her from reading the private correspondence.

12. Lovesick parrot throws up time and again

Harry the African Grey parrot could not stop throwing up. After getting Harry checked by Belfast vet Dan Flynn, it was concluded that he wasn’t a sick parrot, instead was lovesick. The one who had his heart was owner David. The idea of getting a partner for Harry to distract his attention from his owner David worked out and the parrot stopped throwing up.

13. Bones found at former Omagh hospital site

Seventy-nine skeletons were found during work on the site of the former Omagh General Hospital. The bones are thought to be around 160 years old and were discovered under the hospital’s old car park.

14. Man charged with stealing house

There are lot may kind of thefts that we all know about but did u ever felt insecure of the theft of your house? A man in central Ontario province is charged of stealing a house. The owner of the house found his10-year-old mobile home in the Ontario community of Dundalk, northwest of Toronto missing. The police located the 45-foot, double-wide prefabricated building worth an estimated CAN$30,000 on a rural property. Though the fact as to how the house was stolen is not yet known.

15. World’s smallest dinosaur kept it in a drawer for two years

An amateur fossil hunter found the world’s smallest dinosaur and without realizing the importance of his discovery kept it hidden in the bedside drawer for two years. Collector Dave Brockhurst, 51, found the fossilised vertebrae of the foot-long creature; took it home and nicknamed the Ashdown Maniraptoran.

16. Nguyen Duy Hai of Vietnam has 176-lb. tumor in his leg

The tumor on Nguyen Duy Hai’s right leg is bigger than his leg itself making him unable to walk and he is begging the world for help. The 31-year-old Vietnamese man has reportedly suffered from this giant tumor since childhood. The doctors amputated his leg at the knee 14 years ago but the tumor has continued to grow, swelling to a weight of 176 pounds. The tumor is said to be the largest ever.

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17. Man dies after playing Russian roulette with his dog

A man in Indiana died after playing against his own pet. Russell Little, who suffered from depression, shot himself in the head as he played the deadly game with the family dog in his backyard in South Bend, Indiana.

18. Woman dies of heart attack caused by shock of waking up at her own funeral

In the shocking incident, a woman died from a heart attack caused by shock after waking up to discover that she had been declared dead and was being prepared for burial. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49 was wrongly declared deceased by doctors but died for real after hearing mourners saying prayers for her soul. The supposedly dead woman suddenly woke up during her final ceremonies and started screaming as she realized where she was. She died of attack there and then.

19. Giant rats eat two babies in South Africa townships in separate attacks

Giant rats as big as cats killed and ate two babies in separate attacks in South Africa’s squalid townships. Lunathi Dwadwa, three was killed as she slept in her parent’s shack in the Khayelitsha slum outside Cape Town and another girl was killed in Soweto township near Johannesburg the same day.

20. Boy’s birthday card arrives five years after it was posted to him

Seven-year-old Jack Moran was confused after the greetings card dropped through his door last week with ‘happy second birthday’ wishes. The young schoolboy was amazed to get a card through the post – for his birthday five years ago. Royal Mail bosses have launched an investigation.

21. California woman spotted pushing trashcan full of human body parts down the street

Carmen Montenegro, 51, of San Bernardino, California was spotted with the macabre container around 2:30 in the afternoon and nabbed by police who were tipped off to her bizarre activities. The woman was wheeling a trashcan which was full of body parts. She has been arrested for homicide.

22. Man kidnaps neighbor’s pet after his loan application was refused

Gabriel Radzikowski, 29 kidnapped a bank worker’s dog from her back garden in to take revenge. It was after his application of loan was rejected that he kidnapped the dog. But unfortunately, he was caught and jailed.

23. Russian man dies burying himself alive

A 35 year old Russian man in the quest to test his endurance, died after he buried himself alive in a friend’s garden in the Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk.

24. Man shoots off his own finger to get rid of growth

Sean Murphy, 38, used a 12-bore Beretta after creams failed to cure his problem of itching. Instead of getting rid of the problem of itching he landed into another problem. In the court, he received a 16-week sentence suspended for 18 months for possessing an illegal firearm.

25. Daniel Petric assassinates mom, shoots Pastor dad in head over video games

Daniel Petric in his gaming passion, assissnated his parents. On being forbidden to play the video game, Daniel raided his father’s lockbox from where he got 9 mm handgun, loaded with hollow point rounds. He fired multiple shots into his unsuspecting mother, killing her instantly. Thereafter, he

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unleashed the fury on his father, shooting a round into his head too.

Now, its your turn to let us know which of the weird news stories listed above, raised your brows to the maximum? Share your views with us.

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