Mar 15 2011

20 Weird News Stories Of February 2011 To Leave You Stunned

It’s said that you can’t get your mirror image. Sounds cliché but I think is the apt line that one would not try to copy anyone. Be who you are! “You were born an individual, so don’t die a copy.” You might be wondering why I’m writing about all this when the header reads “20 weird news stories of February 2011″. Well, I’m writing all this for the matter of fact that while stumbling upon the weird stories I was wondering how come people do things that create the hype and leave us amazed. We as an individual do different things and that’s where the fun lies.

Ask me, I would say, its total fun to see and read about people doing such things that might sometimes leave you shocked; sometimes you have a smile on your face and roll down in laughter.

Imagine every one doing the same thing. Oh how monotonous it sounds! Imagine your colleague, friend, family member doing exactly the same thing you’re doing. At one point you would actually want to get up and slam the person and ask not to imitate you.

It’s the difference in our characteristics and our own identities, our different ways of handling things and reacting to the situations that makes everything around us fun and exciting.There are many people who do somethings really unusual that creates news and stories. Not only human beings, animals, birds, reptiles and other living beings too contribute in making the weird news to amaze people and we all have that curiosity to know about the weird news and happenings around teh world.

We here at WebTabLab promised you to come up with weird news happenings around the world each month. Hope y’all loved reading the 20+ world’s most weird and strange news stories of Jan 2011. As promised, here I’m once again with the 20 weird news stories of February 2011. Hit a jump and enjoy!

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1) Man shot dead for eating popcorn during ‘Black Swan’

Do you have the habit of eating loudly? I mean do you make noise while eating? If yes, beware! Someone might be getting irritated. In a weird incident that happened during a screen of of the Oscar-nominated film “Black Swan”, 42 year old man was killed by a 27-year-old man. The reason for the conflict and thereby shooting was that the man was eating popcorn loudely which irritated the other fellow to such an extent that he got furious thereby ending in killing the other fellow. The shooting incident took place in the central multiplex cinema in the Latvian capital, Riga.

2) Mother shocked to find her three years-old-son playing with crocodile in the living room

Crocodiles surely are the most unwelcome guests that you would fear opening the doors for, right? But a 3-year old kid seemed to have welcomed the deadly guest with open arms. Ignorance is bliss as they say but this could have been unsafe for the child who surely didn’t know who was the one he was playing with in his house. The Brazilian woman was shocked to find a 5-foot (1.5-meter) alligator lying tamely in the living room as her 3-year-old son petted the reptile’s head. In living room and found the reptile there which apparently was washed inside by the high water the previous day. The lady snatched the boy from behind the couch where the reptile was lying and called the firefighters that later came and trapped the alligator to take it to a nearby environmental preserve. Thankfully, the child was safe!

3) Scot aged 100 walks 3 miles a day to get a free burger

Now this might sound weird to few and cool to others especially the ones who love fast food. Burger! Yummy burgers can tempt anyone so much so that few can go out of the way to grab one. Meet Centenarian Catherine Reddoch who makes an hour-long daily using her zimmer just to munch her surely favorite cheeseburger which she gets for free. For more than 20 years, the canny Scot walks 3 miles to reach her local Matamata branch of McDonald’s on New Zealand’s North Island. Her mile-and-a-half each-way pilgrimage takes her around an hour. The oldie so much fond of Mc Donald burger doesn’t change her order every now and then. In fact she places the same order every day which is a cheeseburger with no salad or relish, and a hot chocolate. Are you so much fond of Mc Donald burger as Catherine? Can you imagine yourself walking this much at her age just to grab what you love?

4) Doctor’s shock as mother gives birth to baby weighing over 13lb

Now that’s what you call hard labour! A Chinese mother delivered a baby girl who weighed more than a stone. Weighing in at 15lb (6.8kg), the baby gilr left the doctors amazed when she was born in a hospital in Tonghua City in the north of China. Before getting pregnant, Pan Shudi, the mother weighed 12st 8lb (80kg) and had put on 44lb (20kg) by the time she gave birth. Doctors have nicknamed the new arrival “Qian Qian” (Slim).

5) Mexican woman on hunger strike for royal wedding invite

The strange news from Mexico that came this February was that a 19-year-old woman went on hunger strike outside the British Embassy, demanding tickets for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The gal wants to attend the wedding as she is the big fan of this royal family for many years and attending the wedding later this year would be a dream come true which led her to go on the hunger strike asking the British Embassy demanding an invitation to the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Embassy officials though have insisted that it’s completely impossible to arrange.

6) Man Accused of Prank Calling 911 More Than 18,000 Times

Los Angeles police arrested the man who placed over 18,000 prank calls to 911 beginning in August 2010. Since last fall, emergency dispatch responders at California Highway Patrol’s Los Angeles Communications Center began receiving harassing and annoying phone calls from a man later identified as Maurice Cruz. The 43 year old man used a number of non-initialized cell phones and called 911 for over 18000 times. Cruz was booked on charges of misusing 911 to annoy and harass the officials.

7) World’s Hairiest Girl, Supatra Sasuphan

Supatra Sasuphan, the 11-year-old girl from Bangkok is likely to become a future Guinness star. She has been named “Hairiest Girl in the World” by Guinness World Records. Suffering from hypertrichosis, otherwise known as “Werewolf Syndrome” Ambras Syndrome, one of the world’s most rare genetic diseases, Supatra has excessive hair growth on the face and all over the body. Being hairy doesn’t make her feel bad instead she is proud of who she is and wants to be treated just like everyone else. Also, she is enjoying her newfound fame having recently taken her first airplane ride.

8) 1 Indian Man. 39 Wives. 94 Children. 33 Grandchildren. 100 Room House To Fit Them All

Now this one surely is weird! A 66-year-old Indian man has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren, all living under one roof. The whole set of family lives in a four storied building with 100 rooms in a mountainous village in Mizoram state, sharing borders with Burma and Bangladesh. This man’s wives share a dormitory near Ziona’s private bedroom. The sons and their wives and all their children live in different rooms in the same building sharing a common kitchen. The wives do the turn cooking daughters clean the house and do the washing. The men do outdoor jobs like farming and taking care of livestock. The entire family of 167 people consumes around 200lb of rice and more than 130lb of potatoes a day.

9) Knife removed from man’s head after four years

This might sound awkward to y’all but it’s a true incident that took place in the Yuxi city. A man named Mr Ni had been suffering from severe headaches for more than four years before seeking treatment for what he suspected was an aural disease. When the X-rays of his head were taken, doctors were amazed to find a four-inch blade in his brain. The bizarre part is that on being carefully examined, doctors didn’t find any wound or scar in his mouth. Leaving doctors at the People’s Hospital in Yuxi city, Mr Ni told doctors that he was stabbed in the lower right jaw during a fight with a robber four years ago after which he had suffered frequent headaches, difficulty in swallowing food, a hoarse voice and gibberish speaking. The rusty blade fortunately has not caused any harm to his brain artery and facial nerves. The doctors have successfully removed the knife and Mr Ni is recovering from the operation.

10) Parrot mistaken for faulty fire alarm

The news clearly tells how smart your parrot can be. Shanna Sexton, 25, was driven to distraction by the reoccurring high-pitched tone discovered that the sound was in fact made by a parrot in her garden. The parrot was successful in befooling the woman for seven consecutive days. I wonder what was Shanna’s reaction on knowing how she was befooled by here parrot.

11) Implanting organs in the name of art

Australian artist, Stelarc has got an extra ear grown by first inflating an empty pocket beneath the skin over many months and then the basic ear-like structure inserted inside his arm. Once implanted the artist’s cells were encouraged to grow on the structure to build a real ear with its own blood supply. It will take an year for it to fully grow and Stelarc plans to insert a microphone linked to the internet that will allow people to hear what his arm is listening to at any hour of the day or night.

12) Prank caller convinces US senator he is billionaire businessman

A prank caller had a lengthy conversation with Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor about his strategy to cripple public employee unions in the US state and ably convinced the authorities that he was a billionaire conservative businessman. The conversation was posted on the Buffalo Beast, a left-leaning website based in New York. This news created the hype for the fact that a prank caller can move the higher authorities by befooling them. Strange but true!

13) Mice trained for airport security

Next time when you’re in the airport and see mice near you, don’t shout because it might be checking if you’re carrying any offensive stuff. The Israeli scientists have created a detector, a mice that is trained specifically for the security purpose. If the mice sense traces of drugs they will run to a side chamber where the trigger an alarm. Eran Lumbroso is the inventor of the security mice. This is one interesting news that might leave many out there bewildered.

14) Man faces jail after ‘axe-attack’ joke

‘Axe attack’ joke backfires the person badly. John Powell is facing jail after he tried to scare teenagers away by chasing his ketchup-smeared fiancée down a moonlit farm track whilst wielding an axe. The guy hatched the plan with Lucy Walton to spook the men parked in a lay-by on Cleabarrows Lane, Windermere. The girl banged on the youngster’s car window with a terrified look on her face screaming. The overall incident was a backfire which resulted in imprisonment of the person.

15) Pet boutique’ millionaire fined after dog bit jogger’s bottom

Julia Gentgen was not able to sit down for days after Jazz, a two-year-old long haired male Weimaraner, pushed his muzzle up her shorts and bit her on the left buttock in Kensington Gardens last year. The news might be stale but the judgment passed this February left people amazed. Andrew Saville-Edwards, the millionaire owner of Pet Pavilion, a London boutique is fined £1,000 for the dog bite.

16) Amazing dog smells diabetic emergencies

Shirley is not the ordinary labrador instead attentively watches her seven-year-old owner, Rebecca Farrar who has an aggressive form of type one diabetes that could send her into a coma. The dog has an extraordinary sense of smell and by licking her owner and on getting no response goes to fetch the medical testing kit in the classroom at Harpole Primary School in Northamptonshire. This is the perfect example of the faithfulness the dogs have for their owners.

17) Woman gives birth to own grandson

The advancement in medical technology has made it possible for the couple to get the child if they get someone who is ready to become the surrogate mother. In one incident 61 year old lady named Kristine Casey in Finnean at Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago became the surrogate mother of her own daughter. Kristine Casey acted as a surrogate for daughter Sara Connell after she was unable to have children of her own and has become the mother of her grandson.

18) Australian fisherman survives six-hour swim in shark-infested waters

An Australian man who was knocked overboard by a rogue wave has survived a six-hour swim through shark-infested waters to make it back to shore. The 25-year-old fisherman was missing and authorities came to know about it when they found the unmanned boat with the engine still running off Fingal Beach on the coast of northern New South Wales. After the launch of major air and sea search, the empty boat was retrieved and later the man was found who survived six hors swim in the shark infested waters.

19) Brave World Travelers Take 90-Day ‘No Baggage Challenge’

Two California vacationers are trekking the world with just the shirts on their backs. Jennifer Lau, 21, and Marcus Fernandez, 23, are in the middle of a 90-day trip that will bring them to 12 countries on six continents. The two minimalist vacationers are the latest participants in the “No Baggage Challenge.” With toothbrushes, digital cameras, deodorant, Dramamine, nail clippers, passports, credit cards and other items stuffing their pockets, the pair say they have more than enough essentials for the next three months.

20) Homeless man finds daughter through Twitter

The renowned social networking site-Twitter has left people amazed after the news came that the homeless man who hadn’t seen his daughter in 11 years was reunited with her this week. Morales, 58 quickly amassed more than 3,000 followers.After he tweeted “Hi this is to let you people know that in looking for my daughter her name is Sarah Rivera.” He posted his phone number and a picture of his daughter, Sarah Rivera, who was 16 when he last saw her and was successfully able to meet his daughter. Rivera called him the next day, and the two reunited in New York’s Bryant Park on Friday.

Hope, the listing of 20 Weird News of Feb 2011 has successfully made you enjoy the weird happenings around the world. Stunned? Well, more of coming months yet to come. Stay tuned!

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