Mobile casinos are hitting the big time in 2013

Due to the increased demand in mobile entertainment, the last few years have seen a massive surge in mobile gaming. The mobile gaming industry is predicted to reach 54 billion dollars by 2015, and over 80% of all revenue generated by mobile last year was from games alone.

As the most popular app category, with a staggering 56 billion smartphone apps predicted to be downloaded this year, there is a huge technological shift taking place. Mobile gaming is convenient, simple and highly entertaining. You can play anywhere, at any time and have constant access to games.

If you’re a fan of online casinos, then the idea of a mobile casino should be particularly appealing to you. Access any number of your favourite games through an app on your phone- Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, you name it. At absolutely any time. Whether you’re at home cooking dinner, at the airport waiting for a flight, or standing in a long queue at the store, you’re able to whip out your smartphone and play instantly. Along with convenience, a mobile casino offers high quality entertainment, simple navigation, and graphics are not compromised due to smaller screen size. Also, the number of games available to you are endless.

When you play on a mobile casino, it’s completely up to you whether you play for fun or for real money. Use the free games to improve your knowledge and skills or play for the real money to get a richer experience of the casino features. There are many exciting features included: Free Spins, high-paying jackpots and bonuses, to name a few. You get all the best elements of a casino right there in the palm of your hand, without the huge crowds. With digital accelerating at an unstoppable rate, the future looks bright for the world of mobile gaming.

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