What’s The New iPhone Like?

Whenever Apple releases a new product there is the usual clamour to see which new and fantastic direction technology has begun to venture into.  Apple is a leader in innovation and their iPhone has become the flagship of their product range, so the new iPhone 5 was always bound to gain endless column inches.  So just how does the new iPhone 5 differ from its predecessor, the iPhone 4S?

Put simply, the iPhone 5 is most certainly a worthy successor to the iPhone 4S.  Many people look to Apple for mind-blowing innovation at every turn but the advances present on the iPhone 5 are perhaps a tad more subtle.

The most striking thing about the iPhone 5 is that it’s by far the lightest iPhone to date – 28 grams lighter than the 4S.  Despite its significant drop in weight, it still has that robust, sturdy iPhone feel which is unparalleled by other mobile phones.

In practical terms, the new display is half an inch bigger than the old one – 4 inches as opposed to 3.5.  This extra space allows for an extra row of icons which makes the ever more amazing apps ever more accessible.  It also allows for wide screen dimensions on films and games, whilst at the same time being just small enough to acknowledge its core purpose as a mobile phone.

The fact that iPhones are mobile phones at heart is a fact that Apple hasn’t lost sight of while some other manufacturers have.   The iPhone can be easily controlled in one hand whereas some of its rivals err more towards tablet territory – making their basic function rather ungainly.

The iPhone 5 is 7.6mm in depth whereas its predecessor was a much chunkier 9.3mm.  Its casing is a striking combination of brushed metals and high gloss, giving it a beautiful organic yet space-age feel.
Outside the aesthetics, Apple’s new mobile phones have 4G connectivity and a faster A6 processor making them much more efficient than the 4S.  Battery life on browsing and standby is also significantly higher.  The iPhone 5 is a lesson in efficient and elegant understatement and genuine practicality.

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