Guest post contributed by David Kendall on behalf of – see their

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HostClear reviews. David is a freelance technology writer. He enjoys sharing his insights on various tech blogs.

Printing Mistakes you should Avoid in Small Business

You have spent a lot of time with the designers and finally have a great design with matching artwork. Now it’s time for the printing press to finish off the job. Most of the time, the job will be done perfectly. But sometimes, a few things can go wrong, leading to printing mistakes that you should avoid in small business.

Here are some of the biggest printing mistakes that small businesses do:

Tiny Font with a Dark Background

Beware of tiny fonts when printing on a dark background. Go for a big font if you prefer a dark background. If you prefer a small font, go for a bright background.

Colors That Contrast Poorly

Some colors give disastrous results when used together. Avoid colors that won’t give good contrast such as yellow, magenta and cyan.

Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes can easily get into print if you don’t proofread carefully. If you feel challenged to proofread, get a competent person to proofread the material before printing. Repeat this process whenever changes are made on the material. It is better to spend time and some money ahead of printing than to have the material printed and then realize that it needs corrections. The loss can be substantial and if you don’t carry it out, the results would be printed materials that don’t work as effectively as they should.

Overcrowded Print

Parts of the design can be chopped off if the design is overcrowded. To avoid parts of the design getting out of the print area, go for quiet borders. This is a design in which borders are not defined with color or lines. Quiet borders are defined by the space left around the printed area. The result is a professional looking print that is inviting to the audience.

Low Resolution Images

Using low resolution images leads to poor printed materials that look cheap and amateurish. Always ensure that the resolution of images meant for printing purposes is at least 300 pixels (ppi).

Not Getting a Hard Copy for Proofing Purposes

When you have proofed the design on the screen, you might assume it will be the same when printed. However, proofing on screen is not adequate for materials meant for printing. Get a hardcopy of the material. The hardcopy will give you a good idea of what the final print will look like. Proofing a sample copy helps you to have a complete picture of your product. This includes the overall design and copy.

Poor Quality of Paper

The paper quality used may not be good enough. Insist on proofreading hard copy printed on the exact paper that will be used. This will help you make the best decision about paper quality.

Too Many Font Types

A print can have too many fonts. This can easily be a turn off for your audience. It is best to go for one or two fonts for any print.

Wrong Contact Information

Incorrect contact information can easily get into the final printed material. This can happen when proofreading is not done. The results would be disastrous. Always be keen about the contact information. Remember that the printed material should get customers to contact you.

It helps to look out for these printing mistakes in order to get rid of them. Are there other printing mistakes you should avoid in

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small business?

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Guest post contributed by David Kendall on behalf of – see their iPower host reviews. David is a freelance technology writer. He enjoys sharing his insights on various tech blogs.

Jamie Parham is a home security consultant. He enjoys passing on

her insights through blogging. Visit the website for more ideas.

Jul 4, 2013

IMcreator: How to Design Your Own Site

Design is basically the convention for the construction of an object and object may vary in various fields like building layout, business model, circuit diagram and much more. But when are talking about web designing then it requires many different skills and disciplines in maintenance or production of unique & quality websites.

If you are tired of the hectic and time consuming process of designing a website, well then you don’t want to miss IMcreator, the easiest and most user friendly site for simple and easy web designing. It offers you with a large set of preloaded layouts and themes. IMcreator is all about making its user friendly and it makes you enjoy the website designing process.


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Jun 11, 2013

Mobile casinos are hitting the big time in 2013

Due to the increased demand in mobile entertainment, the last few years have seen a massive surge in mobile gaming. The mobile gaming industry is predicted to reach 54 billion dollars by 2015, and over 80% of all revenue generated by mobile last year was from games alone.

As the most popular app category, with a staggering 56 billion smartphone apps predicted to be downloaded this year, there is a huge technological shift taking place. Mobile gaming is convenient, simple and highly entertaining. You can play anywhere, at any time and have constant access to games.

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May 21, 2013

Wordfence Overview

Wordfence is a free security plugin for WordPress. Security “plugins” for WordPress are often highly criticized as many may give a false sense of security or simply just automate creating .htaccess files – sometimes recklessly. However, Wordfence stands clear apart and above other plugins as it offers malware detection, checks for out-of-date plugins or themes, provides firewall throttling or blocking rules, has the ability to restore compromised or altered WordPress theme or plugin files, and offers an optional paid vulnerability scan from their data center. Those are just a few of the highlights which are to be touched upon below. Let’s dive in.

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Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs And…. Keep Smiling!

We human beings tend to ignore the warning signs and keep procrastinating the issues that must be dealt with on immediate basis. Be it the case of health, job, household tasks or any other job; majority of the people are in habit of doing a particular task only when itbecomes the dire need of the hour. Talk about health, I read a wonderful quote by Dalai Lama-Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. How true is it!

Today, each one of us is having a time crunch because we have to meet the deadlines, survive in the world where there is a cut-throat competition and earn the living. Who suffers the most when we ignore the warning signs our body gives? Obviously WE!

Till the time we go to the doctor and see ourselves waiting in the queue outside the clinic; we actually don’t care much about the warning signs our body gives. Our body is smarter than we consider it to be. Before it gets late it actually keeps giving us the signals that extra care is needed or something needs to be checked but 1we all know that we actually ignore giving miscelleneous reasons.

I am sure you all can recal the time our family memers asked us to go to the doctor and get checked. Rememeber the answer? Ofcourse itwas-

“Main Theek Hun! zayada kuch hoga toh chale jayenge doctor ke pass.”

Correct me if I am wrong!

Coming to the topic of the day. Each day my cousin curses herself for ignoring the dental problem eversince she first spent the sleepless night because of toothache. She kept ignoring the signs her bleeding gums and severe toothaches were giving. Not that she never visited the dentist. She certainally visited them quite often especially when the tooache went little too severe that she had to spend many sleepless nights. What next, the denstist used to prescribe some medicine for pain releiving and asked her to come for the regular dental treatment. But next visit was procrastinated till the next time (yes, it was when she suffered from unbearable toothache and saw bleeding gums).

This ignorance went on for years till finally one day the dentist told her that there was no other option than to remove her teeth because one bad tooth spoiled her other teeth too just for one reason that she kept ignoring the signs her dental problems like toothache and bleeding gums was giving. Yes, you heard it right its teeth not tooth. Removal of teeth means she will have to get the teeth implant treatment which not just pricks your gums but also pricks your pockets.

At such a young age she will have to undergo such a painful dental treatment and she regrets ignoring the signs her dental issues were giving. Today, she wishes to rewind the clock and bring back the time. She promises to take care of her teeth but alas it’s not possible and is too late!

Well guys, not only the dental issues I sincerely request you to pay attention to the signs your body and your life is giving. Don’t simply ignore them because if they are not paid attention at the initial stages or I must say at the RIGHT TIME it will actually be toolate and you will be left with just one feeling that’s-REGRET.

Each time I watch the advertisement of Bleeding Gums….Colgate Pro-Gum Health I promise myself to take care of my teeth.

So, Moral of the story is-Don’t ignore the warning signs your bleeding gums are giving. Here, I remember a wonderful quote on Procrastination :

‘Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill’. Pay attention now and Keep Smiling!

For more information and other tips, please visit My Healthy Speak Blog.

Laptop Chargers On The Move – Have You Thought Of Solar Power?

Laptops are the lifeline of many people. They can shut the lid, pack it away in their case and take it with them. They can then work on the train, surf the net on the bus or just take it on holiday to keep in touch on social media networking sites. How many people truly go ‘on holiday’? Could you go a whole week without checking your emails or updating your status?

However the one big problem with laptops, including some of the 21st century models, is battery life. They are considered to be fairly mediocre; in other words, they do not last very long or long enough to be able to do anything of a large project size.
A laptop that has been through a full charge (that is, from empty to full battery charge), with its laptop charger unplugged, should last between 1 to 6 hours on an average battery.

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